• 🌷【Innovation plus upgrade design】The back scrubber handle is made of wood, an Eco-friendly material. Two non-slip silicone pads at the bottom of the wooden handle can prevent the shower brush from sliding off your hand. There is a great rope loop on the long wooden handle, which can be untied or hung directly.
  • 🌷【Personalized double-sided bristles】The body exfoliating shower body brush hard bristles of the shower brush is used to exfoliate, remove dead skin, especially in deep cleansing the skin surface.The soft nylon bristles provides a comfortable and soft touch and daily cleaning to protect sensitive skin. Both sides can message your skin.
  • 🌷【Dry brushing or wet washing all OK】You can choose dry or wet brushing according to your preferences. You can combine the shower gel to give you a good bathing experience and cleaning effect by wet brushing. Or just massage the skin with dry brush for cellulite and lymphatic to promote blood circulation and remove dead skin.
  • 🌷【Ergonomically designed long handle】The exfoliating brush handle is comfortably long enough to reach behind your back giving a good scrubbing with its soft but stiff bristles allowing your back to be rid of dead skin cells while giving a clean back. This long handle design definitely helps get those hard to reach spots.

Shower Brush, Bath Body Exfoliating Cleaner Brushes with Long Wooden Handle,...



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