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7 Tips on How to Care for Your Locs

How to Care For Locs:

Locs are a gorgeous way to wear your natural hair with minimal effort. This doesn’t mean that your hair should not be cared for. You should cleanse and moisture your hair just the same. A consistent hair care routine will bring your dreads to an optimally healthy state. As well as, grow as long as say, Damian Marley’s Locs.

Here are 7 steps to care for your locs:

1. Cleanse your locs – Some individuals are of the opinion that if you have locs, you should not wash your hair. This is absolutely wrong because there is product build-up as well as sweat, clogging your pores and hair. Hence, cleansing your scalp and the length of your locs will allow it to be dirt free. How often you wash depends on you, it can be every 1,2 and up to 3 weeks.

2. Moisturising your dreadlocks – Moisture is key! Moisturising your hair allows it to keep hydrated until the next day. You can spray water on it every morning to refresh your locs. Another way to achieve this is to be sure to drink plenty of water and take your daily multivitamin. The hair follicle needs vitamin A, C,D and E to produce healthy hair. Give your locs what it needs and it will surely deliver an awesome crown.

3. Palm Rolling – Palm rolling your locs when they are looking flat or dull. It is a technique that can be done by your loctician such as myself. This will keep your locs separated with the uniformed shape. Please remember to never palm roll on dry hair because the locs won’t move. Palm rolling on wet hair is better as your hair is more manageable.

4. Drying your dreads – Your hair will take longer to dry than most because the water is soaked within the loc. Thus, dry your hair properly. Depending on your schedule, you can air dry or use a blow-dryer. It may take at least 1 – 2 days (air drying) depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

5. Use a natural or loc specific loc cream – If your locs start to loosen up, then apply a natural or loc specific loc cream to it. Apply enough cream from the roots to ends to keep the hairs together. Then, palm roll each loc to bind the hair together.

6. Massaging your scalp – Hair growth can be increased with nightly scalp massages. Massaging your scalp encourages blood flow to the hair follicles. Thus, pushing nutrients and minerals needed to promote hair growth. If you want longer locs, then this is the step that you should do.

7. Nightly Maintenance – Sleeping on cotton is a no. Cotton takes away the moisture from your locs which is needed to maintain it’s health. Hence, sleep in a satin scarf or pillowcases or cap. Ensure to never go to bed without protecting your hair.

Consistency & Patience – Ever heard the term consistency is key? It is true. Continuously caring for your locs by washing, moisturizing as well as palm rolling will improve its health. We all want healthy locs thus this is the way to go. Lastly, be patient. Your hair will not grow overnight. It will take months and years to reach your desired hair length.

What steps do you use to care for your locs?


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